Forestry Links

Forestry Links
Prof Dev Links
About me
Bailey's Ecoregions
Ecological Forestry Resource Center
EcoEd Digital Library (ESA)
ForestInfo (lesson plans and activities)
Forestry Images (USFS/Bugwood Photos)
ForRest Decision Tool
FS Photo database
Germplasm Resources Information Network
Go Wood
Introduction to Silvicultural Systems (BC Forests)
i-tree (USFS, suite of public domain tools to calculate $ of environmental services, assess land or canopy cover, assess damage, and more)
National Pesticide Applicator Cert. Core Manual
Herbicides and Forest Vegetation Management
Fire Effects Information System
NRCS Web Soil Survey
NRCS Plants Database
PennState lesson plans
Project Learning Tree
Regeneration Handbook
Roots of Forestry (SAF publication archive)
Silvics of North America (vols. 1 and 2)
Silviculture Magazine
Ties to the Land (Succession planning tools)
Tree Fact Sheets (Virginia Tech)
TreeSearch (FS publication reprints)
Tree Guide (a service of Athenic Systems)
Tree Owner's Manual
USGS Topo Maps
Virtual Forest Library
Webinar Series
   PA Forests (Penn State)
   ForestConnect (Cornell CE)
   ForestryWebinars (a consortium)
Woody Plant Seed Manual

Soil Stories: SC-NRCS & ESRI-SC


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